Saturday, 24 April 2010


I am pretty sure that i'm not the only one releived that it's finally the weekend. My first week back at school couldn't have been worse: "GCSE exams" "GCSE revision" "GCSE's are so close"- no pressure at all then. Except, for last night which made up for my horrid week.
It was my friend Hannah's birthday, so we went to hers for a 'dinner party'. To start, the venue: her beautiful conservatory, which I could only describe as an (even better) replication of the huge green house of plants in kew gardens (which I stupidly can't remember the name of right now). It was a really, really fun night (depressingly, probably the last night out until the end of my exams). Happy birthday to Hannah (:
Before the night began, I also had a photoshoot. I was taking photographs for my friend Becci for her American Apparel application which requires head-to-toe and head shots. After skillfully coming up with four 'crazy' and 'very american apparel-ey' outfits (note, this explains the crazy pineapple hair), we shot in lots of frames from a construction site to a bathroom, to the front of Hannah's beautiful house.
Photographs from the dinner party follow, I will be showing many more photographs from the photoshoot in my next post, only one for now (:
After reading Phoebe's blog, I was so, so delighted to hear about Topshop releasing a make-up line. Additionally, I am equally excited (such an understatement) about MAC's 'Pret-a-Papier' collection. Everything about the collection appeals to me, from matte pigmented powders, to vellum blushes. I love neutral shades, and the collection was based around creating a 'paper doll' perfect look. Don't get me wrong, I love coloured make-up too, I think it's just easier for brightly coloured make-up to go wrong and look awfully 'tacky'. I'm hoping to grab a good highlighter from the collection, fingers crossed that it'll be perfect. MAC are also launching a 'MAC: To the beach' collection, but none of the bright oranges and corals really appealed to me as much as the Pret-a-Papier collection.
And this, fellow bloggers, was the best cake ever; chocolate truffle cake with praline filling.
Til next time,

Beeble xo


  1. OMG i was also gunan apply for a job at aa but i thought after gcses cos i have literally no time now. discount is 50% there!
    she looks so nice in that pic.
    you can take mine too after exams ;)
    mmm that cake!

  2. The dinner party looked like lots of fun!
    GCSEs suck! Thanks for your comment, a disseratation is a HUGEEE essay that you do throughout your last year at university. You have to plan it in year 2 and complete it in your final year. I crazy but more fun if its about fashion!
    Would you like to exchange links? Let me know! :)
    - Adele


  3. alright. so i will read this post in a minute. but the to the beach collection looks AMAZING. i cannot wait for it to come out. i NEED that thingy with the seahorse on it. like i need it. also that cake looks delish. xoxox

  4. Sorry to hear about all the exams .. studying is no fun but it looks like your friends dinner made the week much more enjoyable. the picture for the application looks great - good luck to your friend on landing the job!

    Also, I couldn't help but to notice, you're from London. I'm traveling to London this summer and would love to know some places to shop? Of course Topshop and what not, but maybe some of your favorite vintage stores and some of your other favorite stores in London! Thanks xx

  5. Hey hun, thanks ever so much for your comment!
    Ooo I have a £25 voucher for MAC - and I think I've finally found what I'll spend it on, thanks for sharing. I'm also a big fan of nudes.

    Aww thanks, I'm so excited. If you're about in August it'd be lovely to meet up :)

    Also the dinner party photos are beautiful, and looking forward to see more photos from the 'shoot! x

  6. so exciting! but I wish stupid topshop came to Canada...ugh more specifically TORONTO! dinner party looked great :)

  7. thanks a lot, it means something like, "it's the worst that i want more and more of you"

    i'm happy that ur interested in my blog, even its in german (french) ;)
    xxx t.

  8. The dinner party shots look gorgeous, and I want to see her conservatory now! Can't wait to see the rest of the photoshoot!
    The MAC ranges look gorgeous.. I feel I should really spend some money and extend and improve my make up collection!

  9. and the lipstick is Barry M... #100 i think :)

  10. the last picture really makes me hungry. yumm! <3
    great story and interesting pictures. the ones in bw surely have great vintage feel in all of them!

  11. Oh what amazing pics, i can feel party air... And now I'm so hungry! I want that cake! Xoxo

  12. I absolutely love MAC and that cake looks yummy x

  13. wow amazing photos!

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