Monday, 26 April 2010

Russian Ballet editorial

How stunning are these photographs? From the May issue of Vogue Russia, the editorial is fabulous. Models Iris Strubegger and Heidi Mount go couture whilst posing for photographer Paolo Roversi, and they look absolutely beautiful. The editorial is concentrated upon portraying classic Russian ballets with a contemporary twist. Everything about the editorial is very eloquent and majestic and the different sketches are so imaginative. If this editorial doesn't give you inspiration, then I don't know what will.
Paolo Roversi has shot some of the most beautiful people (from Natalia Vodianova to the models on ANTM), accomplishing to make them look even more graceful- something I used to think wasn't possible. Roversi's photographs look classical and effortless. His photographs will bring out the green monsters of us all, just have a look:
I would love to know who your favourite photographer is. Did everyone (in the UK, that is) watch frock me on T4? I personally enjoyed it very much, what did you think? Sorry for the short post, must get on to some revising ): I realise this post is very image dominated, do people prefer this? 
Also, I know I promised in my previous post that I'd be showing you photos from the photoshoot I did with Becci Price in this post. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to start sorting through them, so I promise to add them into my next post. As an apology, to make up for it I have added in photos from a previous photoshoot which I did with my friend Ellie C. She made the dress that she is wearing- isn't it beautiful! Also, just to remind you, my photography site:  (:

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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  1. wow, that photographer!
    my first photographer love is and will always be my darling tim walker. he's second to none ofc. nick knight comes a close second. ooh as well as irving penn cos he was just too good for his time. i think that is it though for me. mario testino is too wanabe tim walker sometimes. rankin is too plain.

    loooove those photos of natalia vodianova, she looks so young! and gemma ward ofc.

  2. This photographer is very talented.
    thank you for introducing him to me :)
    I always have been fascinated by ballet and dancers. They have this elegance...
    I find ballet very peotique.

  3. These photos are amazing, I would love to look so elegant in a photo!

  4. Hey lovely, i have commented on this once already but it wasnt working. Link exchange is when you add a list of your favourite blogs on your side bar then they add you to theirs :D

  5. that third picture incredible. I can't stop looking at it.

  6. LOL exchanging links habin.

  7. I adore ballet fashion - the makeup art is so inspiring!
    I must say I don't really have a favourite photographer, but I adore fashion editorials (those pictures in the water would make a perfect editorial :D )

  8. aww this shots are amazing!!
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  9. so cuteeeeeee <3
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    xoxo francesca

  10. these are crazy gorgeous!

  11. cool photos! regarding the comment about the paint pot being used as a blush, I have yet to try that. Mac paint pot is a pretty thick consistency and may be too heavy for the cheeks or make it look cakey. But i assume that with the right amount it would look fabulous, i'll try it this wkend.

  12. fab pics x

    High street + Couture =


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