Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tahti Syrjala

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most talented and beautiful bloggers: Tahti Syrjala, and I have the even greater pleasure of sharing her answers with you. I am certain that those of you with lookbook would've come across Tahti's individual and inspiring looks, as they surely don't go un-noticed. Not only does she have the most amazing style, but she also has the most beautiful features, from her powerful red hair to her pale skin. I am ultimately hooked to her lookbook looks and her blog. I could go on about Tahti for hours on end and how much I admire her, but I'd most likely bore you, so let's get on with the interview... enjoy (:

Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do for a living?
My name is Tahti Syrjala, I'm an 18 year old Finnish-American blogger from Ireland, I study make-up and do freelance make-up and styling work on the side.

When and how was it that you first got interested in fashion?
I've always been interested in clothing, I always dressed myself for as long as I can remember. My first foray into fashion was making a dress for the tooth fairy when I was about 6!
You give really good makeup tutorials on your blog, how did you learn how to use makeup?
I'm self-taught! I used to face-paint when I was younger, and that evolved into make-up when I was 13. I decided to get a qualification a few months ago.

What are your beauty essentials? Primer and a great foundation!

Favourite piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?
My favourite piece of clothing changed quite often, but I know I couldn't live without my shoe collection!

Which trend do you see becoming the biggest this summer?
Either denim or pastels. I prefer pastels as I quite dislike denim, but everyone seems to be pushing it...

What fashion faux pas do you strongly agree with?
Double-denim - it's never going to look cool!
If you could, what foreign store would you bring to Ireland?
A Japanese store specializing in gothic Lolita shoes and clothing.
Favourite lookbook look?
Requested questions
If you could have a photo shoot with anyone, who would it be with?
Nadya Lev!
Who is your favourite person on lookbook?
Sarah L, the girl whose look I linked.
If you could choose to walk the runway for any designer, who would it be?
Galliano, definitely!
End the interview with your favourite lyrics or quote
'In the end, everything is nice'. - Requiem for a Dream

Please visit Tahti's blog- its full of inspiration and her consistently beautiful outfits.
Also, I am still accepting entries for the blogger of the moment title (:

Lots of love
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  1. These pictures are so nice! I love what they wearing! I so love your blog and how everything looks. Sometimes I just want to change my template to small so pictures look more cute.

    I follow you! :)

  2. Aaaah, she's so beautiful, with and without makeup! <3
    She's so skilled with makeup as well!

  3. Great post doll, Very in depth interview!
    Entertaining and inspiring, Tahti is fabulous!

    ♥ MADISON thing

  4. Great interview, you really get a sense of how she is as a person!
    And, I've lurked her religiously on lookbook for ages hahaha.

    I love your blog as well, definitely following you now :)


  5. She looks amazing. I don't go on lookbook much, but I'm adding her blog to my daily reads right now.

  6. Great interview. I have been a fan of her photos for a while, so it is nice to learn a little more about her.

  7. Wow i liked the interview.She seems to have a really nice sense of style.I'm definitely going to follow her blog now.

  8. She is so beautiful. Will check out her blog now... Wow, your doing interviews!

  9. Oh wow this interview was so lovely to read and totally inspiring. Thank you ever so much for doing it and sharing it with us all.

    Also - I commented on the below post too! :) xxx

  10. Her style is sooo amazing, and that for an 18 year old!

  11. great interview...thanks for the comment on my blog...I am following you, follow me too?



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