Friday, 16 April 2010

"Blogger of the moment" election

A few of my beauty essentials, from (top to bottom- left to right) 1.YSL cream blusher (highly recommend) 2.Body shop Vitamin E face mist (amazing for setting makeup, a cheaper version of MAC fixplus) 3.Versace compact foundation 4.Dior show mascara 5.YSL touche eclat highlighter (GODSEND) 6.Innisfree primer 7.Nature republic gel eyeliner 8.Face shop red nail polish (Cant live without) 9.Rimmel London blusher (best high street purchase)
What are your beauty essentials? And any products that you're dying to have right now?
It came apparent to me recently that It’s really quite sad and patronizing how over used so many deep words are. I mean yes, phrases such as “I love you” have triple meanings but is it just me or is the phrase so overrated? And so over-used that it has lost its nostalgic meaning? Perhaps this is why there are so many people out there who live off the 80’s and what used to be, because everything seemed so much more honest and real back then. Is this why we idolise stars such as Edie Sedgwick, Audrey Hepburn and Julie Christie?
I have made a new icon “Blogger of the moment” where I elect one blog which is fascinating and exciting me right now, it’ll change irregularly. For starters, there are so many blogs which I am hooked to, so i’d love everyone’s help.  If you think that your blog is individual and deserves the title then leave a comment and a reason. Be quick as i’ll be choosing soon (: thanks for the help. I thought it most appropriate to award it to Antoine Henault for now, regarding one of my recent posts.
From my year book entry, "How would you like to be remembered?"
"The overly energetic, oriental kid, who hopefully, brightened up your day." Hehe (:
I have a interview planned with Tahti Syrjala one of my favourite lookbookers, so if you have any good questions which you've always wanted to ask her, just drop a comment!

Till next time

Beeble xo


  1. Omg your YSL cream blusher that I wore for that photoshoot IS SO GOOD! How much is it?
    Your makeup range is so expensive! Mine's all the shitty Miss Sporty, Maybelline and Rimmel hahaha, I'm a cheapo.

    Have to agree, I love you is overused. Like in old movies, when they say I love you, it's such a big deal and it gets really emotional. Now it's used every second.

    Love your people, esp Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick!

    Oooh interview! I love Tahti, ask her who her favourite LookBooker is. And if she could have a photoshoot with anyone, who it would be with.

  2. How can you afford all that makeup? Seriously, all of mine are the freebies out of magazines like bliss and glamour.
    Though I will spend money on the Simple moisturizer, it is amazing. And I have really dry skin, but it was just like 'pow, dry skin begone!' and it was.

    Omgosh my yearbook entry is so embarrassingly bad, goodness, I might just leave it as a smiley face.


  3. I literally cannot live without clinique even better foundation and mac sheertone blush in tenderling. I'm also the sunscreen queen, I'm using clinique youth surge spf 15 right now, but I'm stepping it up for the summer with olay regenerist spf 35. the anti aging stuff is the best for making skin look utterly flawless.
    I think love is conveyed by the context with which the phrase is used. Though I do admire the grace and beauty of Audrey Hepburn. She's so lovely in Roman Holiday.

  4. OMG i have the yves saint laurent blusher! sooooo good. i am so obsessed with makeup. i get loads of it and never wear it. its almost as bad as my fashion/blogging addiction. we should totally be makeup blogging fashion buddies. and also, i have the biggest pet peeve when people say "ysl" idk why. i feel as if it downgrades the brand and lovely man he was. i know im crazy and compulsive. but seriously, buddies??

  5. vickileestyle: it was 14 pounds equivalent from the airport, probably more expensive in normal stores though? will be sure to drop in those questions!
    Kallie: ive only begun using mac products but i love them all, i love roman holiday.

  6. I love these women!!! They're full of style in several ways! But Audrey it's absolutley the icon I prefer. She inspire me evrey day. Her beauty it's really without time.
    I love your blog, it's great! Now I'm your follower, I hope u'll follow me too! Xoxo

  7. i think i'll try that face mist!

  8. All my make up is either rimmel, maybelline, borjouis and i have a few mac and benifit. Your make up is amazing!

  9. my beauty essential are red lip stick or nude, light blush, and little bit of eyeliner. I want to do a smokey eye! And of course red nail polish!
    I love Audrey Hepburn!! :D
    I blog for fun and b/c I'm a fashion design major.

  10. Hey, Great Blog...I followed u and I would like it if you followed me back. :)


  11. I have to agree that Audrey Hepburn is one of the classic beauties in those times.
    It's hard to find other girls of such charm.

  12. Wow, you own a really good make up collection! And all in pristine condition!
    It would be nice to be featured if you like my blog because it would be great to get some publicity, to call it so ;)

  13. oh god those vintage photographs are gorgeous!

  14. Haha I get giddy too everytime I get a comment! Thanks for visiting my site! This is a great read... Im not really a beauty product person. I don't trust them I just have the essentials! Out of all these which do you trust actually works? No, Chanel are selling tattoo transfers! So im asuming those were used on the runway! Would be cool if they all got tattoos though!

  15. Hey also I forgot to mention. Im studying at an Italian university for my placement year, im a bit scared! x

  16. hey i might do a post sorta like this just showing random makeup/acessories and things. haha is that ok with u? ill mention i got the inspiration from u.

  17. Wow I am very jealouse of your make up range! I totally agree I think that 'I love you' is very overused. People say it to each other even if they havent met each other, thats why old films are the best.

  18. I bought some beauty stuff today!! :D


  19. i love these pictures! And i like the makeup that you choosed!

  20. I feel quite good that I only really use 'I Love You' for my boyfriend (of 3 years), my family and my absolutely closest friends. I sometimes do I loveee youuuu, which has a lighter meaning.
    I adore Audrey, and all the golden age back then. And Edie for that matter.

    I'd love you to look at my blog!
    It's It has quite a variety of stuff from outfit posts, reviews, random thoughts, events, and then stuff on my fashion career from fashion shows to LFW coverage (I actually go :)) and my internship at Company magazine this summer. I really love keeping in contact with other bloggers so email / comment anything :)

    lots of love x

  21. To anyone that cant afford make up like that, just go to the counter say what product your interested in e.g. foundation, when they try a couple of different types on you, say you cant decide and as long as your friendly they usually give you a free sample of both!

    I find your blog really intereesting, it would be great if you could take a look at mine and give me some feedback as I am new to this whole thing!
    Thanks xx
    p.s. my beauty essentail has be red lipstick- I cant leave the house without it!


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