Friday, 16 April 2010

sweet sixteenth

With my unfortunate birthday date being in the middle of my two months of exams, the night before last I had early celebrations for my sixteenth. After accomplishing the impossible, of getting ready (makeup, outfit etc) in less than half an hour, yes half an hour, my friends and I were off to Jimmy Spices restaurant. We ate the most delicious dinner ranging from Italian, Indian and Chinese, although I must say half the dishes were far too spicy! The best part was without doubt the desert, me and Vicki had around four courses (:

We then went for karaoke, belting our hearts out by singing lots of songs especially old school anthems. I can’t say that we were particular good singers, but all that matters is that we had a good time right? Right?! Highlights include the dancing- crazy dance moves such as builder man, cooking mama and bake a pizza, singing because of you with yanloi- we were amazing and the food! I had an amazing night, and I hope everyone else’s easter holiday is going well (:

Will be blogging soon, haven’t been updating much because i’ve been busy revising. Following are a few photographs from the night...
Around a month till my actual birthday, i have been contemplating on whether I should be making a list of things I want to do before im sixteen, or is this too much of a distraction from revision? Speak to you all later, about to make some coconut flapjacks.

Lots of love

Beeble xo


  1. Heheh this post made me smile! Put photos up on fb cos I wanna write about it too!
    hehe our desert eating was awesome :)
    thank you for inviting me and i had a great time!

  2. lol at cleo's expression in the last photo :) Is Jimmy Spice's good? I was thinking of dragging my family there...

  3. vickileestyle: my pleasure (: will be putting them up soon.
    foreverme22: yes, its very good. Its a buffet of Italian, Chinese, Indian etc.. go go go (:

  4. Happy birthday :) Sounds like you had an awesome night!

  5. Happy birthday! I love Jimmy Spicies :D x

  6. that looks like such a blast! happy sweet 16!


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