Friday, 9 April 2010

Dear Seraphin

Antoine Henault, a seventeen year-old French male: who by me, can only be described as inspirational. Although the term inspirational seems to be rather over-used, the decadent meaning fits Antoine's work perfectly. On his blog he describes himself;
"I'm Antoine Henault, a young boy of 17 who is interested in various arts such as photography, literature or fashion. This blog show you my creations in these different areas. Since I take fashion as an art, a game A way of expressing themselves but which also has a totally superficial side, I must admit."
Antoine's photographs have a great original, authenticity about them which empathises the power of his photographs. He uses beautiful subjects, who remind me of the French culture (that may just be me). Antoine portrays (perhaps you could put it as) the forgotten way of which the youthful generation once were, compared to the typical London grunge 'skins' scene of drugs, alcohol, glamour. It is significant that Antoine captures different moments and people in a very 1950's and old-fashioned manner, and I am certain that those past era devotee's will be hooked onto his blog immediately. Please visit his blog, and i'm sure the following photographs will be as enpowering to you, as they were to me.
The photograph above is of Antoine.H.
These are only a few out of my many favourite photographs of his, take a look at the rest of Antoine's photographs to get the full impact. His newest LB look is on here.
I have created a photography site, please take the time to have a look. Also, thank you to Vintage stop, for awarding me with a sunshine award, much appreciated.
I have recently been watching Sophie Dahl's (Yes, the almighty Roald Dahl's grand-daughter!) new cooking programme 'The delicious Miss Dahl". The programme takes a very different approach compared to other modern cooking programmes, Sophie Dahl takes on a very honest and anecdotal manner as she shows viewers how to cook different, significant meals of her life. I love everything about the show, her honest personal recalls, the authenticity of her food, the homeliness of her kitchen, everything is perfect. I highly recommend you go to bbc iplayer and that if you haven't seen if already, you should catch up from the beggining. Sophie Dahl very concisely demonstrates different recipes in a very traditional, 'granny-like' yet sophisticated way, and watching the programme makes me feel all fuzzy inside and very content indeed.
What do you think of my new blog layout? I'm so insecure and uncertain about these things.

Til my next post, lots of love

Beeble xo

[Photographs are all copyright to Antoine Henault,
 please do not steal them]


  1. Wow, love his photos. Esp the colour one! So cool, will be stopping by his site.
    ALSO omg you have to watch Heston's programme thing , last week he created a meal inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was so cool, he made a magic mushroom main course, licking wall paper and chocolate rocks, etc was very cool. next week, on tuesday @ 9 it's based on fairy tales. so good.
    oh also agree, inspirational is used too much.

  2. Thank you so much Beeble. xxx

  3. Thank tou so much Beeble, It's a very flattering article and i'm very happy my work touch you. xxx

  4. After studying photography for 2 years I can really apriciate his work! I have never been on his blog before and after seeing your post I have already clicked on the link :) I had a look at your photographs also! These are yours? because that are also inspirational!
    Congrats on the award :) x

  5. love this post, thanks for your sweet comment, following you too doll x

  6. These photographs are lovely, thank you for introducing me to his work :)

  7. oh soo beautiful ,its made every single one in the picture immortal :) nice!!

  8. Looks like he's got some nice pictures!
    Thanks for sharing

  9. your blog is AMAZING. can you follow my blog, please?

    now, i follow your blog.


  10. gotta love black and white! the photos are great.

    and i did have a wonderful wedding. thank you.

  11. Great collection of pics! I really like your blog.. The blog background and the title logo looks beautiful.. :)


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