Monday, 5 April 2010


Wildfox's fall 2010 look book, the aesthetics in this editorial are wildy pleasing. Nicole Fox looks ridiculously beautiful. What is it that goes through our minds when defining whether someone is beautiful or not? After all it can't just be there look, as more than often a person's characteristics and personality play into the equation. It seems that people have become obsessed with 'beauty' and aesthetics, and it has always been that way; its just less obvious nowadays, as its become more or less a routine. Within every industry, whether it's advertising, fashion or cooking, the final product doesn't pass unless it is (how they put) 'aesthetically pleasing'. Is it these aesthetics which drive so many people to pursue a career in one of these industries? - My bed is unmade and half of the duvet is on my carpet, to some this frame is art whereas to other's its just a sloppy mess. People's opinions vary yes, but what confuses me is that we seem to have some aspects in our lives which have already been defined, as beautiful or ugly, which have been programmed into our brains. Who was it that determined that being fat is ugly or that sandals with socks were a big fashion faux pas?
"Confusion is normal, being perfect is the complete opposite. No doubt in that"
-Edie Sedgwick.
Beeble xo

[Photographs by Emir Erulp]


  1. 1. NICOLE FOX IS AMAZING, i love her so much.
    2. amazing editorial, love it love it.
    3. i really really really disagree with the fashion rule "socks and no sandals" STUPID. actually tbh i don't believe in any fashion "rrules"

  2. Oh my god I love Nicole Fox, she is gorgeous!!
    x x x

  3. habin you have no idea how much i love nicole, i keep stopping by yours to look at her pretty face! i think i'm giong to add her to my girl crush list now.

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  7. totally agreed.
    beautiful is less beautiful if you say its beautiful.
    but there is beauty in everything.

  8. obsessed with this editorial. oh so obsessed. thanks for sharing!


  9. I love your commentary!! And all the pictures are amazing!!!! <3 fashion is one thing, but i believe style has no rule. in fashion if you are a well-known designer you can make anything ugly look beautiful by making it popular to the wider audience. expression is endless.

  10. yess i designed it :) if you want,i can translate some parts, if ur very interested in something - just leave a comment <3

  11. I agree. This lookbook from wildfox amazed me... im in love with there stuff... and Nicole Fox is unbelievable!x

  12. I'm inlove with wildfox. Not only are there clothes great, their lookbooks are amazing, making it really stand out from another other old brand love love love xx

  13. nicole looks so gorgeous
    LOVE wildfox eds!
    loving your blog too
    great posts and pictures!
    stop by some time xx

  14. amazing editorial. i've seen this circulating the web! furthermore, loved the commentary you made on society's perceptions on aesthetics... you're absolutely right.

  15. I've been enthused with wildfox since I saw an older lookbook last summer. I love the art direction of their shoots, and their clothes are simple but unique and cheeky in a sort of way.
    Generally what is beautiful is what is familiar. A familiar face is always preferred over a foreign one. Beauty depends on the context though. Fashion wants people who are "model pretty" not "girlfriend pretty". In art--and this may also contain everything that goes into fashion and photography--we're always looking out for what's unique.

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  19. is that nicole from top model? she looks great in this wildfox ad.

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