Monday, 15 November 2010

"Photograpy is the essence of his being. He is consumed by the camera: I mean the bloody thing never stops going."

We've all witnessed the term historical photography being denoted by the modern label old-fashioned photography, yet the indulgence we get from rustic photographs remains unchanged. Antique fashion photographs have an undeniable wit of magic about them, painting what we can only imagine, a more idyllic lifestyle. These photographs capture a sense of mystique and display the significant decadence and style of different eras. The appeal of old-fashioned photographs- (especially those addressing social status and style) is drawn from the nostalgia and classic, fresh-faced subjects in the photographs. Endless artists have re-created scenes from the past, but for me the unequivocal style of photography of  the ever outrageous, and outspoken David Bailey, cannot be denied.
The predominance of Bailey's photography lies within his ability to be contemporary, outrageous and 'fashion accepted'. Bailey creates an illusional paradox of his own world, propelled by sex, socialites and style. Bailey's photography captures the essence of his being and the ever revolving lifestyle which he lived, and retrospectively, as a seventy-two year old, still does. There is an unmissable touch of aggressiveness and anarchy within Bailey's work, but his outspoken and quixotic voice which is impressioned into his photography, does nothing but inspire.
"They've got everything- the beauty, the wonder, the danger, the aggression, the softness. He is a romantic, underneath it all. He has to hang it on an austere, scientific exterior. But all art is romantic. And he is hopelessly romantic" -Damien Hurst talks about David Bailey's art.

Much love, Habin xo.

[Title quotation said by Jean Shrimpton.]


  1. Love David Bailey - especially his "Box of Pin-Ups" from the sixties! Xx

  2. i love old fashion editorials, they are almost magical.

  3. love that first pic x

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  4. Your blog is actually amazing- Love Bailey!

  5. This post is great. LOVE the photography.

  6. Amaxzing photos! That one with the flamenco is magical ;)


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