Monday, 1 November 2010

The reverie of Donosti.

There’s always that notable change in weather when returning from a holiday, especially as the weather in London is chronically unvaried. I returned to the doom and gloom of English weather after spending a week in Spain- San Sebastian and in France- Biarritz. The break was just what I needed after weeks of having what seemed like never ending stacks of school work. San Sebastian is a small seaside town in the Basque part of Spain, and I visit their often to see my relatives. The excitement on going to San Sebastian is within itself due to the white sandy beaches but as well as the boulevard of boutiques- is it any wonder that I love returning there? I had an amazing time, although from the stay I also learnt that none of the Spanish which I had drilled into my brain for GCSE had stayed on. Additionally, the switching from France to Spain and vice versa (the two towns were only a short drive away) gave lead to multiple embarrassing language incidents- at one point saying gracias to a French chef. Despite this, it was a really fun holiday and following are the few non-cheesy and non-touristy photographs. [After being reluctant in taking my dslr to the beach, I’ve resorted to googling la concha for further photographs.]

Taking back to the regularly posting days, here are a few recent purchases of mine. Including buys from my much anticipated trip to duty free at the airport.

America ruggedly black wedge boot, Nine West in KG,80//Rocketdog suede wedge boots, Office, 70// Moonbeam highlighter, Benefit// Eternity and Eternity moment perfumes, Calvin Klein// Red volupte lipstick, YSL// Sun Bronzer, Dior. Lusting after so many pairs of shoes right now- a post on them is inevitable...
Along with Eve, Rosa and Vicki we've started a fashion magazine within our school, it's called FRINGE magazine. The magazine revolves around the arts and gives budding fashionistas, artists and journalists a platform upon which they can showcase their talent. We're very excited about the recent release, as the first issue: October sold out in a week! The magazine's blog can be found here and if you want to know more about Fringe, i'd be happy to answer any questions.
Also, I hope you'll check out these blogs which my friends have recently started, Ellie Thea and Becci-Rose Price! I hope everyone had a good halloween weekend (:
Lots of love,
Habin xo.


  1. omg isn't it, i step off the plane and it's raining. hello england.

    fuck meee how much did you buy!? you are officially wedge queen and i love how you put your aa jumper as the background! love the ysl lipstick, so pretty <3

    Vintage Stop at

  2. Love the picture of little Annie, she's just beyond cute. And the cakes look SO good!

    Love all your new stuff, especially the shoes!
    And I'm exactly the same, despite the fact I've already bought new shoes I litterally can't stop wanting more. KG is going to bankrupt me Xx

  3. the locations are simply gorgeous -- amazing vacation spots indeed!
    It's always tough coming home after a vacation, especially when you are leaving warmer climates for cold and rain.

    Love your new boots, soooo cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. yummy pics!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  5. I love all the pictures! And so cool you guys started a fashion magazine within your school, I wish my school would start one haha

  6. this is so beautiful!
    thanks for your sweet comment, you know i'll be back to visit for sure!


  7. OMG. Those cakes look so yummy. Dessert is my guilty pleasure. I just don't seem to have the strength to resist its alure :p I've always loved holiday post. It contains so much joy and excitement. The panoramic view, the gastronomic experience and of course the mementos! I'm into make up shopping in airport duty free :p Nice post, I really do have fun!

  8. looks like a beautiful time in Spain. i've never been! such great photos, and i love those shoes.

  9. Both pairs of suede booties/wedges are fantastic. I love the sheepskin (?) of the inside of the taupe/beige one. Love love!


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