Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Heels wish list.

Twenty two exams down and two to go, so I still need to cram in some revision- but hopefully ill get into a regular blogging routine in the summer! Last week I did a photoshoot with Olivia and Lucy, with Hannah and Ellie Ray modelling their beautiful jackets and headbands which they made from scratch- and are selling so check out their blogs! Read Olivia's behind the scenes from the photoshoot post here. I will post the results up hopefully soon (:  I still don't have the perfect pair of heels or a clutch for prom which is next tuesday! I've been scouring the net and shops up and down London- but I keep getting distracted by summer platform beauties instead. It would definately be a more worth-while buy if I bought a pair of these summer heels instead of a pair of formal ones, I mean our prom is in the summer so it should be alright?

These are from topshop and are 130 pounds, picking them up in the shop was so surreal- yes, that's how beautiful they were. They are far out of my price range though, I hate how money always seems to come in the way. []
I really want to invest in a pair of chunky, platform sandals for the summer- and KG have such a variety of them! I'm loving cork and wooden heels with bright colours that have been toned down. They are all from the Kurt Geiger website, and although I wouldn't be able to pull the last pair off- the lilac, the valencia wooden heel, the wide band and the chunky platform status of them just add up to perfect! I quite wish that I was going to a poolside, city holiday in the summer now just for an excuse to wear a pair of these heels, instead i'll be surfing and sunbathing in flipflops- and beaches are no place for shoes like these, they'd get ruined so easily- especially if i'm the person wearing them haha.
Just a few quick updates before I start my night-stand of revision. I bought this jumper from American Apparel last week- it's white with floral fabric embelishments all over it, the only problem is that there is only one size and it's really big! This hasn't stopped me from adoring it though, and i'm desperately looking for the right opportunity to be able to wear it! I also got a pair of the aa frilly socks- originally for prom.
(Sorry about the rubbish quality of the photos) Next time I blog I will be free from exams!! I apologise dearly for my continuous moaning about gcses in every post, they just never seem to end. Also, after reading the most recent post on Treasure chest, I am completely stuck on what to wear to clothes show London this weekend- it's a fashion event so I definately have to wear a nice outfit, the pressure is on- any ideas?
Lastly, I am loving the new flake advert (click here) it's so beautiful and clever, you really need to see the video in order to think that i'm not crazy describing a chocolate advert as beautiful haha. It reminds me a lot of the Kate Moss hologram projection from a McQueen show a few years back (can be seen here).

Lots of love
Habin xo.


  1. I want that AA jumper an insaaaane amount! It's so nice (:

  2. Good luck in your last 2 exams! I have eyed this jumper up so many times but its quite expensive! Its looks fabulous on you though!

    - Adele

  3. Never a fan of wedges, I always prefer slim heels. But captivating.

  4. Can't wait for the shots!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the second pair of sandals and LOVE the rest!
    The jumper is fabulous! It is like exactly the same material my old jackets were made out of... Grrr, I wish that had not gone out of stock!
    UO x

  5. That AA jumper is gorgeous. I love the 3rd KG heels- they're gorgeous too. Only two more to go....

  6. Ha ha i like the flowery jumper it's like a pretty wedding cake

    don't get any wedges though. Dun like them.

  7. amazing the first...very beautiful

  8. thanks sweety!! i looove ur design xxx

  9. omd no man, don't get the peach ones. are those the ones you were talking about today?
    the red ones are butters too.
    that 3rd kg pair is nice.
    as is the second topshop ones.
    RETURN THAT JUMPER. it's beauts but £68? no.

  10. good luck with your exams. i'm loving your top and socks <33 omg i loove the flake advert it really doesn't look like a flake advert though..

  11. love the first pair!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  12. I am totally digging the shoes with the tassels. I full encourage you to get them and rock the hell outta them! ;)

  13. I love the first pair, I saw them in a magazine and FELL IN LOVE! They are 3 trends in 1, wedges, clogs, and tassels...

  14. LOL came here and changed my mind. don' like the penultimate pair cos the heel is too thin. like the peach ones but not liking the snake effect on the straps.

  15. I have a fashion event this weekend too, and I am struggling with what to wear!!! Gah the pressure to look perfect is so heavy. Oh well. I'm sure you will look cute no matter what you decide on! xoxo.

  16. loving that aa top. wish it come in misc sizes ...

  17. Hey you,
    thanks for the comment :]
    Ooo no - i think as long as you get semi-formal ones then platforms are an ace idea! I totally would. Looking forward to seeing the photoshoot, and good luck with exams x

  18. oh i'm loving the second pair of heels. and your white, flower top is great too. good luck on your last 2 exams!

  19. les premières de chez Topshop sont magnifiques, et j'hésite encore à les commander


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