Wednesday, 16 June 2010

An exaggeration of summer hue.

Photos that get me so excited for the summer ahead, which i'm certain will be long-lasting and amazing. With a reduced hue and saturation, the dusty delicate frames of these photographs make me want to prance around a dewy field of an old fashioned village, fashioning light, nude coloured chiffon maxi dresses. The pictures heighten my craving for scones, sunglasses and foolishness. There's definately something euphoric about the summer that makes me feel invincible, being able to do anything I want and act juvenile - just because it's summer. Those summer evenings dominated by the welcoming, salty sea breeze and the unanticipated smell of burning logs and briquettes are the ones that eventually fade, and trawl around in my mind for the rest of the year. I miss the feeling of unbearable hot sand, late evening iced drinks by the river and taking endless midnight phone calls whilst sitting on the patio. I want to be in Spain or France by the seaside, but right now with exams, i'll settle for the river.
What reminds you of summer? What are your plans for the much waited summer '10? Please could someone let me know how to upload videos (home videos not youtube) onto blogger, I can't find the button for it! [I own none of these pictures- just a mix that i've picked up from here and there.]

'Til next time

Habin xo.


  1. your english is so bloody good you fool saying you're not good... ¬¬ bare posh.
    looove your choices of photos, yay for the karlie pic <3 those tights with the stocking thing are love.
    just hit me that it was actually summer yesterday but only because of stupid hay fever, so annoying.

  2. omg i love these pictures :) i love summer but the weather is a huge disappointment as always.

  3. ooo I love the pearl headpiece! Oo what reminds me of summer!? BBQs haha ermm You know that smell when its been really really hot and then it rains loads... and there is that certain smell that reminds me of summer haha!
    - Adele

  4. that second picture is so amazing, its like the wind blew her hair into perfection. ohh summer!

  5. Those pictures are all gorgeous. Where do you find them ?!?!?! Lol, your english is so good...

  6. what a great post and what pretty pictures! love the shot with Stella Tennant!
    Great blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow TBAG if you fancy.

    Love x

  7. Hey you!
    Thanks for the comment - I know, so can't wait for summer!

    Summer to me is road trips, the beach, spontaneous outings, BBQs....

    My summer plans include: road trips, Latitude festival, Paris, interning at Company magazine for a month, street style photographing for another magazine and so forth. SO psyched.

    lots of love x

  8. These pictures just scream summer! I'm vowing to spend as much time at the beach this summer as I possibly can.

  9. heya habin, thanks for reading my blog and comment so often even if its german ;) the boots are from Mango, a store in hamburg do you know? maybe you can find them there! thank u

  10. these definitely scream summer, but not the kind of hot summer that i'm having now. :)

    sleeping in reminds me of summer!

  11. Awesome pictures. I like them a lot.
    They remind me of summer :)

  12. Hey lovely,
    Thanks for the comment - hope you're well!
    Aww love these images so SO much. They're beautiful. So can't wait for summer...!!
    So many plans of travelling and interning.

    lots of love x

  13. wow. photos are so lovely!

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  14. this is a great selection of imagery!
    love it..
    and your blog is so sweet. =)



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