Sunday, 27 June 2010


No attempt of underlining a poetic headline, just simply, or more appropriately: epically, the END OF EXAMS. Queue the summer: endless days of dazed lie-ins and pure relaxation. It still hasn’t properly sunk in that it’s the summer holidays, and that I accomplished the impossible of gcse’s. As soon as my last exam was over, celebrations were underway! On Friday we straight away jumped into Hannah’s pool , which was possibly the best way to celebrate. We also finished up from the pool with (what I can only describe as) coconut cheese (because of the packaging) and freshly made brownies!
My mum was also in a suprisingly generous mood so I unexpectedly had money to do some summer shopping, i've spent an excessive amount this weekend- not sure how i'm going to make it through the summer! I bought a mint green and cream lace lined slip gown as well as a dusty blue/lilac "chiffonish" shirt- both from topshop. Me and my friend Yanloi went to Kingston with high-(last minute) hopes of finding perfect heels for prom- Kingston has never been more dissappointing. Following up from my last post, I went to KG to buy a pair of the heels that I posted, but with there being a sale they had been sold out! I hate the inevitability of when a shop assistant answers back to you "if it's not out on the rail, we don't have it". So my dream of prancing around in chunky KG heels on holiday has been shot down completely!
After two weeks of excited anticipation, the date finally came, Clothes show London, it was amazing to say the least. I went with my friend Emily and as cheesy as this may sound the adverts were correct, it was the perfect girls day out- unique and absurd clothes were channelled down the runway, sets of topless male models break dancing and the band Wanted were there too. The trends that stood out to me from the show were fan pleats, rouched 'shakespearean' cuffs and collars, glitter in toned down dusty colours and coral-trim (almost) couture dresses- echoing the dress in the new flake advert which I posted previously. We also spotted look-a-likes of Karen Gillan and Florence from Florence + the machine in between one of the endless sets- which were themed from a Shanghai based kill bill act and a contempory (and unintentionally comic) portrayal of Paris- the city of romance. The shopping after the show was just as good, a never-ending labyrinth of discounted clothes, shoes, accessories- you know the drill. I bought a peach lace dress, a dusty printed playsuit, a baby pink 80's style dolly dress, a recycled hand-made broach, light denier ankle socks, a white petticoat (a perfect replica of the aa one- 12 pounds!) and a pair of pastelish blue corduroy shorts from aa. Then to top off a perfect day I went to a river-side restraurant with family friends, having a chicken pie, shandy and banoffee cheesecake. A muddle of photos to follow!

My excitement for the summer has caused me to ramble on, my apologies! I've been trying to make the most of my holidays already by waking up early and going out every day (while the amazing weather is still with London)- but I can see it leading to another coffee routine. Tomorow i'm having brunch with Vicki, Evie and Rosa, then i'm off to Portobello afterwards to do some (dare I use the term) hardcore rummaging. Hope your summer is going well (:

Will be updating with more photos soon,

Habin xo.


  1. Ah, it was amazing, wasn't it?
    I love how you wore the topshop shirt! Those shoes are socks are gorgeous!
    Great buys; that skirt is amazing for £12, love the socks and slip dress!
    So jealous you are already on holiday... It sounds like so much fun!
    UO x

  2. so so jealous.
    I'M DEF THERE NEXT YEAR, i know i say that every year but ya know ;)
    love everything you're wearing and bought.
    btw you spelt ruched wrong ;)

  3. hard core rummaging? habin that's sounds a little lewd te he. You are so lucky, it looked amazing! And your outfit is seriously cute, I'm utterly in love with the pastels and ankle socks :D


    Ahhh, how I love not having exams any more :P Now all I've got to do is wait for all my other friends to be finished...

  5. Congrats on the end of exams girl!! It feels great, doesn't it? And I'm am loooving that white ruffled skirt.

  6. ahhh i really lovelovelove all your purchases. i am really bumming that puffy skirt and that blousee. gahh i want it! your outfit is amazing :)

  7. I love absolutely everything you bought! And I totally agree with what assisstants in shoe shops say, its so annoying. Keep looking for the KG shoes, I cant wait to see what you are wearing to prom.

  8. congrats on finishing your exams!!!!!!

  9. I have that topshop slip aswell, love it :)
    You looked amazing at the Clothes shoe.
    Especially love the shoes with the ankle socks!
    P.M <3

  10. love that last blouse!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  11. your hair is so adorable, and the clothes show sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  12. Love the white pieces!

    Just stumbled by your blog &
    I absolutely love it! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  13. Sounds like you had a great time :) I love your topshop shirt, cute socks too!

  14. ooo i can't make the wildfox sample sale I am gutted!
    - Adele

  15. I went to The Clothes Show too! Have yet to blog about it though!

  16. lacey dresses, chiffon fabric, floral patterns. Very feminine and flattering :) Havea gorgeous holiday!


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