Sunday, 11 July 2010

Back in the Summer of '69

The summer break has been amazing to say the least, being care-free and lazy is something that i'm definately getting used to. Apologies for my inconsistent updating, since my last post i've been doing all sorts to fill up every minute of the holiday. There was prom, which was a brilliant night, although not exactly the type of event you'd expect. Our prom was more like a end of era party- with relentless dancing (from the lawn-mower to the cooking mama move) to prodigy and agro santos; it was without a doubt a really fun night, thanks to Rosa and Sivi for organising (: Photos that follow are of prom and recent events).
I've found it difficult to slot in a regular post, as right now i'm doing my work experience. I'm currently working at BMB advertising agency, with my latest breif being to design a whole pack of cards. It's really fun and I can't help but to feel sophisticated, travelling during rush hour and grabbing a coffee to go every morning. What's even better is that the studio is in covent garden, so I have American Apparel (yess!), Urban outfitters, Rokit, MAC, Benefit and a whole host of vintage shops right around the corner! Regardless to say that i'm going to be completely broke next week.

Here are the results from the photoshoot that I did with Hannah Calascione and Ellie Raynham, who were modelling the jackets made by Olivia and headbands by Lucy, as previously mentioned. The photos are an array of kaleidoscopic shades of pastel colours and extravagant outfits. Contact Olivia from 'Union Olivia' and Lucy from 'Lucy's treasure chest' if you are interested in buying the headbands and jackets displayed in the photographs.
On a different note, how ridiculously beautiful are the fall 2010/11 lines?! I am loving the chromatic explosions of Dior's line, as well as falling in love with the elegant trim lines and shapes of Rue du Mail. After a long and agonising wait for these collections, designers such as Martir Sitbon and John Galliano have once again impressed us all greatly. Due to the never-ending length of this post i'll write about two collections from my long list of favourites.
Firstly, Chanel couture- the models fashioned flawlessly decorated cropped interpretations of the classical mac coat, with decadence being an ongoing appearance throughout the collection. The flourish of royal reds, bronzes, charcoals were emphasised with the infintive collection of beaming and elegant jewels. The line for me reflected decadence and fearlessness, chanelled in the upmost elegant style of Chanel's attire. What stood out to me from the collection were translucent fabrics, heavily decorated- delicate jewels, toned down edgey shapes and cropped jacket compositions. In particular I loved the outfits towards the end of the show, the lighter, more sleek night-time dresses, embedded heavily with delicate floral embroidery.
Rue du Mail- I've always had a soft spot for Rue du Mail, there's something flawless about their collections. The A/W 10-11 line saw sashayed rippling hemlines, boxy jackets, cocoon shapes and jackets unfolding in reverse directions. There was pure elegance as well as conventionally sharp and edgey shapes, which were distinctly softened. The simplicity of Rue du Mail's collection makes you observe the garments in more detail, enlightening the true delicacy of them. I loved the experimental bold shapes that could be worn every day, the collection was definately a trend-setter for me.

I will hopefully be continuing a post of the AW 10-11 lines. Additionally I am so excited for the topshop A/W line, which can be previewed on the website- faux fur and fur trim lines!! Birthday wishes to Rosa and I hope everyone's having a wonderful summer (:

Lots of love,

Habin xo.


  1. i really love your dress :) is that yellow stuff bird poo? haha. the photos from the photoshoot looks great!

  2. lion king? interesting.

    i love all those prom photos. everyone looks like they are having the best time. and the other photos are wonderfully done. great outfits and great photography too! you rock dear!

  3. Got to love trolley moments ;)
    And that photoshoot looks amazing! I'd love to go to that market

  4. your photography is too damn good.
    this seasons couture stuff is all good as a whole but none are my top favourites of favourites.
    agreed, prom was good but not what i expected.

  5. oh i love it! fab lace too x

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  6. You looked lovely!
    you remind me of the chanel models with the nude dress and dark red lips..
    great post :)

  7. Aww it looks like such a good time!


  8. Love the shopping cart photos... too funny!

  9. Hey!
    Sorry it took so long to reply, I've been stupidly busy... The brogues you described sound beautiful. I really need to get mine soon for interning!!

    Your prom photos are lovely!! And it sounds like you're having an ace time at work experience :) I'm interning at Company for August - will you still be about?


  10. I'm hearting the vintage dresses. They're fabulous!

  11. The photos you did for Olivia and Lucy are stunning! Do you want to be a photographer?? You're really talented :)

  12. Love your photos and your blog!:)

  13. your photos are gorgeous! and i especially love the one with the pink door behind, really cute.
    thank you for your comment on my blog, here's my email if you still wanted to email me;

    great blog, and that AA jumper in the post below is to die for!



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