Monday, 24 January 2011

And all the words that we couldn't say in the backyards where we used to stay.

I seem to be apologising far too frequently for my absences from the blogosphere. It has been continuously irritating me that my last post was in December, and so far, my aim to commit to my blog in the new year, is less than successful. I am now the proud owner of a macbook pro- [queue victory dance], of course this leaves no excuse not to blog, as a new apple gadget is more than enough motivation. I have albums and albums of inspiration collections, outfit logs, candid photographs and not to forget, an overstated (and over-compiled) list of must-read novels and must-listen-to soundtracks, however, the rush of sixth form has left me with no time to compile these together. However, at long last, I bring to you a very brief post, in the promise that more content will be coming soon.

So, in relation to my previous post, here are the film results from the photoshoot – Velvetine which I did for Fringe magazine. I used a PENTAX Zoom 60X, which uses standard 35mm film, I am also in hope that I will soon own a Brownie reflex camera or a Carl Zeiss vintage folding camera- as you can see, I’ve branched quite an obsession in searching for the perfect film camera! It’d be really helpful if you could recommend any film cameras (ie. Double exposure ones) or any places which sell them affordably! Thanks in advance (:

Note; these are fresh from the film and unedited.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the results, Copyright to Habin Kim Photography.
And to end, I suggest you listen to some of my favourite tracks from (in my opinion) breakthrough artists Everything Everything with Photoshop Handsome,
 Funeral Party with Finale,
Neon trees with Animal.

-Habin xo.


  1. these photos are so beautiful! i know i keep saying this but the ones with cleo are incredible!
    neon trees and funeral party <3

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    :) xxx


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