Thursday, 10 February 2011

Serendipity is life.


Models: Freja, Frida, Lindsey Wixson, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Marike La Roux: it is my dream (and life goal) to style and photograph them. As nice as it is to see fresh faces on the runway for the new season, i'm finding it difficult to let go of last years break through models. I find that i'm having to restrain myself from dedicating blog posts, if not, my whole blog to Freja Beha Erichsen! My determination to get a tattoo in two years has only been encouraged by Freja's infamous tattoos, and Abbey's white ink tattoos have now left me contemplating on which type of ink I would go for. However, I have plenty of time to finalise any artwork ideas (including two years for my parents to try and persuade me not to get one). The last two photographs show one of my first few buys of this season- these beauties are from TOPSHOP for £68! It's fair to say that i've grown an uncontrollable need for heels- chunky heels.
Will be bringing updates on my outings from January which were recorded on my camera, as i'm getting the film processed soon!

-Much love,

Habin xo.


  1. oooh, i love freja's tattoos, and the one you chose to title this post with is my favourite (: good luck if you go through with it! i didn't even know you could get white ink... and your heels are really lovely, i have to restrain myself for the show lounge every time i'm in topshop :(

  2. that is really something wonderful to aspire to do -- i hope you do!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. these pictures are just amazing.

  4. not a fan of freja but love the rest, esp lindsey - have you seen the new mulberry ad? i want to be her! oh also you forgot karlie.
    loving your new heels, very nice!
    also, did you get the badge message? ox


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