Sunday, 12 September 2010

Featured blogger: Hopefully Jessica.

Introducing one of the most inspiring and entertaining bloggers that I have come across, Jess Wakeman of Hopefully Jessica. Her blog never fails to impress, with an unmissable consistency of beautiful photographs and interesting posts. It's evident from the photos that are posted on Hopefully Jessica that Jess has impeccable taste and is also really talented in terms of fashion design! I'm very excited to be able to share her talent and blog with you all as Jess deserves a lot of recognition and commendation. I'm certain that in this case, the photographs to follow will justify everything that i've said...
Jess is a nineteen year old student from South West England who's just graduated from college, and about to start Uni to study Fashion, Textiles and Fibres. Her experience in design was a great opportunity for me to ask her for some advice on how to pursue design after school, as many design-orientated students my age seem to be uncertain when it comes to moving onto uni.
"As for advice about getting into fashion, I personally took the Art & Design BND, which I'm sure you know is a full time Art course in which you can specialise, and most colleges now actually teach Fashion BND, I would either suggest that course which is fantastic - fashion all day, everyday?! who wouldn't want that! or if you want to take A Levels, definitely take Fashion, or Fashion and Textiles. Both will give you so many opportunities to learn about the basics of making garments, pattern cutting and how to develop your ideas, if that's what you want to do. Not only that but I learnt a massive amount growing up from making or customising my own clothes and learning from my mistakes. Even simple things like unpicking a garment can teach you lots about how a garment is actually constructed. Knowing the basics of garment construction makes everything so much easier and even helps you to visualise your own ideas, then they'll be no stopping you."
Surely it's not difficult to notice that Jess has a unique and excellent taste in fashion! Following are photographs of pieces that she's made from her fashion course, the unique shapes and structures are completely captivating, as well as the photographs. The misc of the black and white photographs emphasises the bold shapes in the garments. It is definately clear that Jess will have a successful fashion career.
I love the styling in these photographs and they look like they could've just come out of Vogue! I highly advise you to visit Hopefully Jessica as well as Jess' lookbook account, they're both very entertaining and inspiring. All photos from this post belong to Jess Wakeman and if you have any queries then i'm sure she wouldn't mind answering them on her blog. Thanks to Jess for allowing me to feature her and I apologise to everyone for my inconsistent posting- although i'm back at school now so I will get back into the blogging rhythm. A complete random addition to this post, rewind a few months to when I went to Clothes Show London, I was very minutely featured on Graydon and White a collective blog, you can see it here and if you're interested, my post from the fashion show can be read here. I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!

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  1. omg wow her fashion work is amazing! and really love her outfits

  2. just checked out her blog and lookbook, some people are so stupidly talented and pretty!!

  3. love her hair. now i want to check out her blog.

  4. wow she's stunning!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  5. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this. She really has an eye for form. I love love her creations, and her outfits!

  6. Such a wonderful feature! I love her style, and pieces she's made herself are incredible. <3

  7. Had never heard of this blogger before so I'll be sure to check her out! Thanks! jazzy ♥

  8. Such an inspiration! Beautiful and so very talented. Can't wait to check out her blog.
    UO x

  9. I've never heard of her but I love her style!


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