Friday, 2 April 2010

aa rummage sale- FAIL

Aren't we all releived that its finally the easter holidays! After watching the watson house singing entry, and the year 9 boleros catwalk (both very entertaining btw!) my break all started off with Gk's underwater themed party. Me and Lucy went dressed in all-in-one penguin costumes, yes, complete with fins, a hood with a beak and eyes and a over sized red bow. I'll be sure to put up photos soon. Happy birthday to GK- it was an amazing night (:
I had been getting myself so very excited with really high expectations for the first American Apparel rummage sale, I woke up at 7.30 (after coming home at like 12.40)- thats how committed I was to going. But no, the stupid police shut down the event due to riots etc. I was more or less furious, What a let down! This video which Vicki sent me pretty much sums it all up, click. Instead we went to Oxford street, sprinting from shop to shop in the rain. I bought two jackets from beyond retro and a pair of shorts from american apparel.

One of the jackets (Beyond retro) £22, maroon with gold buttons
Excuse the little shitty camera, good one was on charge.

I don't have a picture of the other jacket I bought as its already in the wash, Ill probably include it in a future post though. It was a tweed jacket, quite slouchy. I got a pair of short shorts (shorter versions of the infamous 'disco pant') from aa. They're navy and made out of lamé material:

I am officially going to Reading this summer, after setting up three laptops and refreshing seetickets like crazy and failing to get through, Ellie bought me my ticket. The line up for me couldnt be better, my all-time favourite rock bands (Blink, paramore, yma6, lost prophets...) with dizzee rascal added to top it off! I cant wait, itll probably be the only thing getting me through the exams. Ellie bought a really pretty jumpsuit from beyond retro, with lovely paisleyish patterns, picture is to follow.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter, with lots of chocolate eggs! (Lindt and galaxy are my preferences)

Love from

Beeble xo.

[line up poster:]


  1. loving your red jacket! so beauts.


  2. hey there! thanks for stopping by my blog and for following. this has got to be the craziest band lineup. but i'd be interested in seeing a few of them if i were able to go.

    sorry you missed out on the aa rummage sale, but you still got some cute shorts. i follow you now too!

  3. wow that coat is a stunner :)
    OMGGGGG MUMFORD AND SONS! AAAH :O i love love love them.
    cool blog. ;)

  4. oooh those AA shorts, I want them so badly but I have no idea how they would look on me!

    lovelove, M.


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