Wednesday, 24 March 2010

untitled (too cliche?)

Got my gcse exam timetable yesterday, as much as it makes me feel organised and secure, i am properly stressing out at the reality that these are my REAL exams. No more shrugging bad results off and saying that ill improve next year... and to make it worse i have two physics exams on my birthday- couldnt be happier. I really shouldnt be blogging but I found a huge collection of photographs of many things, from photoshoots to snapshots from the best film in the world- the notebook. Where would I be without that film and Titanic? Enjoy the photos.

My Spanish orals are on Monday and the topics include questions like what I want to be when im older etc. Not that I have the slightest clue of what to answer to that, I keep wondering about why I seem to be the only one in my English class who doesn’t really have a concentrated ambition. But one of the questions will get me rambling on with excitement, ‘what will you be doing this summer?’, I for one will hopefully be having the time of my life. Can’t wait for the summer, its so so far away. Im certain that you fellow bloggers will also have big plans for the summer, care to share?

Will be posting again soon.

Beeble xo.

[I own none of the pictures from this post]


  1. love most these images, good choices good choices though i hate the fergie one! so tacky.
    esp love coco rocha's hair in the first pic. i would totally get my hair cut a bit like that if i had thick hair :(

  2. great blog! i love the picture post. good luck on your exams!! xo

  3. for some weird reason that girl in the denim jacket and printed dress reminds me of hannah kate.


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