Thursday, 18 March 2010

After generations of innovative fashion designs and ideas you'd think it impossible for designers to come up with fresh and unique creations. This is most definately one of the reasons why fashion fascinates me so much, nothing is impossible within fashion. Fashion has the capability to constantly impress you and suprise you over and over again, season after season. Clothes and beauty have never bored me, even if a fashion design has been seen before, it is not a repeat or a copy but quite simply an exciting revival. Although I am not a huge fan of the Aw 10/11 VERSUS collection, I'm loving the eccentric shapes of these fan pleat skirts ;which were once a popular trend somewhere in the past (note how blurry i am about the date, i have never been good with history, hence why i was so releived when i could drop the subject).
Although it was once the career I was so stubbornly set on, I don't know how I would handle being a fashion designer. Nervously seeking people's approval on a regular basis is something I'd never quite get used to. When I see new designs I always seem to think about the ones which I disapprove of for longer, as for all i know, they could be next seasons hot trend. So when I saw this photograph (below) I wasn't quite settled on whether I approved on the make up from the Jean Paul Gaultier aw 10/11 show or not. What are your thoughts?
Ill leave you with a photo which I just had to put up, profiteroles with cream and melted chocolate which I had for dessert tonight (-: They marginally made up for how stressed im getting about coursework and spanish orals.

Lots and lots of love

Beeble x



  1. OMG the first collection, omg so annoying, can't remember it's name but it's quite new to me. one of my fave aw10 collections! so in love. and the orange dresses as well even though i hate orange.
    mmmm i want some profiterols!

  2. vicki; i agree, the orange dresses were suprisingly nice! a collaboration from the likes of christopher kane and donatella versace (im guessing the ver from versus is just a coincidence!) (:

  3. I love this collection, some of the top parts do remind me of Versace's FW92 Bondage collection though but alas I think that's the point of Versus as a brand, to rework some of those signature elements in the youthful way Kane does know how to do so well.

  4. I'm so hungry now!
    Great post! Fashion is art--it's a creative process where the artist's hands creates unbelievable pieces of art to wear. anything is possible in fashion. Imagination can go beyond anything!

  5. i want some profiteroles. :O
    please have a read! :

  6. love the first look...and the dessert looks amazing!!

  7. love it, so perfect

  8. both dresses were hot but i looved the second one. very bondage badass. cool blog.

    Mint Vintage Junk

  9. GORGEOUS photos! love this post
    omg profiteroles...
    love the blog :D
    stop by some time xx


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