Tuesday, 23 February 2010

dusty roses

Back to school today. Half term always passes too quickly. One of my highlights of the break must've been going to the lets go crazy club night, which was at Seone- really cool London venue: As my blog is new and all, i thought i might do a post on my previous photography. These photographs aren't too recent but itll help you guys understand what my style of photography is like. Also, i wanted to showcase my photography so that they're documented on my blog. It would help if you told me what you think of the following photographs...

The shoot i did below was for my GCSE art, in the topic of natural forms. The model is Annie FB and she is wearing a skirt which i made out of wire and string. The skirt is based on the shape of a bees nest, honeycomb shape. Annie is wearing an American Apparel black bodycon dress on top. I have planned to do another photoshoot with Annie soon so watch this space!

(The picture quality on blogspot isnt actually too good!)

Annie FB (in the photographs above) is currently not with a modelling agency. If anyone nearby is interested in photographing her, please let me know and i'll introduce her.

I also did another photoshoot for my GCSE art, under the topic of portraits. This was less of a fashion-based shoot. The model is Ellie Ray and I went on to paint the top photograph onto a canvas.

The photographs were taken by a canon E0S dslr camera, i'm looking to do more photography, probably fashion based but im pretty open minded. If anyone nearby is willing to be photographed please just give me a shout (:

On a completely different subject, i found this photograph:

This photograph was taken on one of Vivienne Westwood's catwalks. I'm loving the use of contouring and sculpting, it really exaggerates the models' bone structure making the whole look more dramatic. Face fashioning makes models look even more exciting!

Also, check out my friend Lucy's solo music project, click!

Habeeble x

[Last photo: Vogue.com]


  1. Your photography is amazing, like seriously. You should definitely have it as a little side job in the future.

  2. Oh yeah and Ellie Raynham and Annie FB are absolute stunners. They're tall enough to be models enough I swear as well?

  3. yeah, ill talk to you at school tomorow and we'll arrange yes? brainstormed many ideas?
    ty very much (8 yeah annie does modelling now and then but not tall enough, neither is ellie ray i think..

  4. Totally agree with Vicki. AMAZING :O Seriously, like, wow. And the first dress is awesome!

  5. Habin they're great. I love the shoot with ellie ray on the leaves - it's probably just because I like the use of vivid colour.


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