Tuesday, 23 February 2010

dino dungarees

Dungarees are making a comeback for spring, which i am delighted about. Dungarees always remind me of my childhood, it was always denim dungarees or skirt dungarees matched with a frilly top and jelly shoes. Even my little brother wore dungarees when he was younger:

Im proud to say that my friend Hannah, started wearing dungarees way before they even appeared on the Spring/Summer 2010 line. There she is below (:

Dungarees are the ultimate comfortable yet fashionable statement. Here are some of the dungarees which came up on the SS10 catwalks, these are my favourite in terms of fabrics and how they were styled:

Ralph Lauren- not too keen on the colour pallette but i love the combination of the baggy denim and a semi-sheer blouse.

Peter Jensen- I love how this outfit is styled! Unusual colour combinations but I love the pastel colours. The whole outfit is so cute. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland vs. a very farmyard style with a contemporary touch.
Ellie Ward (above) was on street style, she's wearing vintage dungarees and I really like how she's styled the outfit. I'm loving her Miu Miu mac -except ive seen lots of much cheaper yet decent versions here and there.

Also, very sad news, Channel 4 have sold friends, and five news just announced that Odeon have boycotted Alice in Wonderland from cinemas in the UK and Ireland ): On the subject of Alice in Wonderland though, the new smirnoff advert is really good, i recommend you check it out,

Beeble xo

[Last three pictures: Vogue.com]


  1. Your brother is the cutest!
    Love dungarees but I don't like them in the normal denim colour, love them in pastels mainly like the Peter Jensen ones <3
    ALICE IN WONDERLAND! I can't wait to see it in the iMAX.
    LOVE the Smirnoff ad, reminds me of a trashy Tim Walker vid :)

  2. Never heard of Tim Walker, link if you may? (: xo

  3. OMFG! Only my favourite photographer of all time. Type in Tim Walker into Google. His stuff is pretty damn amazing.
    Btw I'm mentioning you in my next post ;)

  4. i feel well ashamed that i dont know him now! ahh ty xo

  5. go ahead with the tim walker post! he's a bit too cool, i'll be waiting for your post!

  6. I used to wear tonnes of dungarees when I was a kid, too :)

  7. awww your brother is so cute ^^
    I used to have bright yellow dungerees with sunflowers on lol :D
    So excited about Alice in Wonderland, it better be good!

  8. haha laura you were such a cool kid! hannah's ones have daisies on them.


  9. Ah, i have secretly been loving dungarees for many years... Finally I can wear them again :D

  10. lol wel yoou should be glad to knw the boycotte has been revamped and also WOT FRIENDS!!!!! i never knew that !!!!!

    and omg even i knew who tim walker was and i am the last person into fashion 1!!!!!

    lol well thats coz vicki showed me some of his pictures last year for drama!!!!

    and ur bruv is cute!!!!

    and !!!!


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