Monday, 22 February 2010


So, this is my first post. Blogging is all pretty new to me but it seems like a pretty good way to update my thoughts etc. This blog is built upon my interests in fashion and styling aswell as music and art. All you need to know about me:
My name is Habin (ha.bin) and nicknamed beeble or binky.
Fashion plays a huge part of my life.
I love my family, friends, parties, shopping, parties, art...
I do alot of photography, cant figure if im any good at it though.
And rock music makes me very happy.

I have lookbook but i dont use it too much- this'll hopefully change. Here's one of my

this its a music video by I blame coco featuring Robyn, new mix and its well good (-:

Natalia Vodianova "supernova" was on Friday night with Jonathon Ross, check it out, shes so beautiful!

I recommend you check out my friends' blogs vintage stop and eve-rei -theyre really entertaining. Also, happy birthday to Lucy C, ly!

I'm out for now, but will be posting again soon, so watch this space!

Beeble xo


  1. Habin, you are amazing at photography!
    Love your new look.
    Natalia Vodianova is stunning! And she's a mama as well.
    Thanks for mentioning me :)

  2. Yay! Another blog buddy! Te he, I love your skirt, what's it made out of?
    Natalia was surprisingly good on JR, I was kinda expecting a repeat of lady gaga, but she was really sweet.


  3. it's made of satin but it has a (i think) cotton backing underneath..
    lady gaga is always disappointing on talkshows.
    yeah, cant beleive they cut sarah off!! tonights episode looks good but i probably wont be able to watch it ): xo

  4. Thanks Habin :) Nice blog x

  5. Pictures of Annie look even better with edditing - second one genuinely looks like a magazine ad!
    I though Jay Z was surprisingly funny on JR, and Collin Farrell and his sexy accent ;)
    Lady Gaga brought her tea cup up on Brits as well haha. So sweet she dedicated her song to McQueen Xx

  6. love that look. its adorable on you. yeah thanks for the pictures but sort that link for lucys page out PLEASE! xx


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