Sunday, 6 March 2011

"The word 'time' split its husk; poured its riches over him; and from his lips fell like shells, like shavings from a plane, without his making them, hard, white, imperishable words, and flew to attach themselves to their places in an ode to Time; an immortal ode to Time."

From my experience, the only thing that can settle my annual restlessness for the summer to begin is a new summer wardrobe. Exhibit A- Topshop scallop fringe shorts- One part of what will inevitably be an excessively large summer closet. For £34 these shorts were the perfect fix for my ever-expanding obsession for chiffon and scallop trims! In the designated summer piles, the shorts are grouped with numerous injections of canary yellows, light denims and abstract floral prints.
Although I admit that I have strayed away from bright colours in the past, for this summer, I expect them to be a staple requirement to my outfits. Currently, I am lusting after a pastel orange nail polish and a bright orange/vermilion lipstick- which to my disappointment MAC no longer has in stock!
I thought it only suitable in the above photographs to use my current read as a prop- Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (which I hope some may have recognised my title's quote from).
[H2T: Top-Jaeger, Peter pan collar-Vintage, Cameo broach-Wedgwood, Shorts-Topshop]

After a long struggle to find the perfect working 120mm film camera, I present to you the newest addition to my camera collection....
The Kodak Brownie Reflex! (£4!)
I am yet to order the suitable film for the camera, however, I will definitely post the results of finished rolls. The camera carries the same and familiar odour of my vintage binoculars and tea-set- a definite indication of it's history and decadence!

I apologise for the short post, I have constantly been on my feet- either at school or at home doing more work! Also, recently I have been photographing small-scale events, the product garments of my fashion students friends and even some bridal photography- with this all keeping me busy, I have found it difficult to fit in blog posts. I have not posted as planned about my night at London Fashion Weekend- however, a full featured post about our visit can be seen at Vintage Stop! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Lots of love,
Habin xo.


  1. oh habs you know i love you - that outfit is gorgeous! love the brights and the scalloped edges. asking for a coral dress and mac lipstick for my birthday eeee! not gunna lie, when i saw that camera in your mobile uploads, i thought it was speakers! lololol ox

  2. Lovely shorts and I love what you have paired them with and the back ground of your photo.
    Olivia, x

  3. loving the backdrop! xx

    vintage chanel giveaway if you are interested:

  4. Love your outfit! I am a huge fan of brights and these shorts are just perfect. Simply gorgeous! x

  5. those shorts are perfect! i always buy something to kickstart spring, and this year it was a corduroy circle skirt (i don't know how it's spring-y... but still). you look lovely (:

  6. Your post is simply amazing! Loves it! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

    Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
    a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!

  7. I love the composition of the photo's and the shorts! Wow, that camera is incredible.

  8. Cute look! I love the shorts and that camera looks lovely :)

  9. Your blog is lovely!
    have a nice day!

  10. i just discovered your blog and i love it! that camera is amazing!

  11. Hey love great blog i love it! i think the retro look is amazing you have now found yourself a follower in me :) hope you can find some time to check mine out.


  12. those topshop shorts are to die for. And that camera! yes!

  13. I love your outfit, and those shorts too. My grandpa also has one of those antique Rolex cameras, they're just so interesting and old to "explore".



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