Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In the life of a liquorice allsort...

It's difficult to understand the thinking process which designers go through when tuning inspiration into creation. It's a process which I, and undoubtedly a million others are fascinated by, the process by which Jason Wu was able to create beautifully embellished, 80's style dresses from an unintentional encounter with a sewer drain- not exactly your front-row glamour is it? I toyed with what ideas may have been going through the designer's imagination when creating the collection shown above (in the photographs).
This week I helped out at a photo shoot at Fashion Babylon, which featured the graduate pieces to be shown in their fashion show in the weekend. Four friends modelled a collection in preparation for the online auction where the graduate garments would be bidded for. The collection was definitely eye-opening and surprising, with the main garments being block elasticated ties, high-waist trousers (which went above the bust) and last but not least fully exaggerated knitwear (with sleeves and tassels going far below knee length!) The garments definitely summed up scenes from childhood memories, reminding me of sets from noddy and toytown. The collection was definitely playful and, highlighted the need for funner and more juvenile collections down the runway. The make-up from the shoot was inspired by the Miu Miu F/W 2010 campaign (can be seen at Vintage Stop here), the aim was to recreate a trend video much like those by Miu Miu and Wildfox. This, meant that I had my first hand at filming- a tricky disposition I must admit, hopefully I got at least a few good shots? If the photographs are evidence of anything, it's that maximum high-waisted tweed trousers are definitely a trend to look out for this season!
I'll try to get the results soon, apologies for the delay on the NFW feature- I guess the post will have a touch of nostalgia from the previous season.

Much love,

Habin xo


  1. you have the best job in the world! everyone looks so stunning and i esp love hannah's outfit!

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  2. beautiful pics!

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  3. i love the pictures. and all the colors are really nice in the clothes. its pretty cool! :)

  4. So impressed how they were able to think up an entirely new style of trouser, though if they do catch on I don't know that I could pull them off nearly as well as Hannah Xx

  5. wonderful behind the scenes images of this photo shoot!


  6. I love all the mustards and reds in these outfits!

  7. These are darling. am defo going to follow you asap . Care to check out my Blog?
    Love Becky



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