Friday, 13 August 2010

An asteroid storm.

You can imagine my shock and suprise when my mother regretfully informed me that the legendary fashion designer Andre Kim has passed away. I can't vouch for how well-known or famous he was, but from looking through his collections, it takes no effort to realise just how much of a talented designer he really was. Arguably Andre Kim is the first male fashion designer to rise from Korea, and being a South Korean myself I couldn't be prouder. Kim's taste was impeccable and his collections were timeless- always with an oriental flair to the designs. It seems only right to display and share his talent to you all.
The last few beauties are from wedding collections, and I can't help but lust after them for my future- it's good to aim high right? I'm certain that it's evident from the above photographs to you that Andre Kim was an extremely successful and gifted designer. Many of the garments in his evening wear collections remind me of Dior Couture collections from around 2009. His online portfolio can be seen here, and I hope that after reading this post you'll click through photos of his collections, as each garment never fails to impress. I can't help but be upset that Andre Kim has passed away, although much like designers such as Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, he leaves behind a legacy of imagination and inspiration.

Although once his collection came out in Topshop I was incredibly dissappointed, the resort collection 2011 has revived his talent to me. The collection is fresh, exciting and takes a step forward from a nude colour pallette, light fabric and embellishment dominated A/W season. Don't get me wrong, I am loving nudes, creams, sheer and lace, in fact I have grown an obsession with neutral coloured fabrics but it all seems far too repetitive in shops and on the runway. I am sure that the photos from the collection will speak for itself, I have picked out my favourites...
 It's the futuristic meteorite and supernova print that hits me, I love the subtle movement of colours and the explosive prints. However, I must admit that some pieces of clothing from the collection are quite frankly hideous- with silhouette outlines looking extremely unflattering and some of the prints looking absurdly like a tie-dye shirt that the character Ferris Bueller would wear! I do encourage you to have a look at the collection though because it is something quite fresh and youthful and admittedly, brave.
Before I finish off the post I must recommend that you have a look at this post from Louise Ebel's blog: Pandora, simply because I can't get over how beautiful the photos in that post are. I have infinately been a huge fan of Louise Ebel, her style is immaculately perfect and her blog provides an insightful view of my two loves: art and fashion. Louise Ebel's lookbook is how I discovered her at first, and I find myself returning back to it continously, as I never get bored of her photos and her style. Lookbook is incredibly entertaining and inspiring, here's a little list of links off lookbook that I recommend you flick through on a lazy afternoon (:
I hope everyone is grasping hold of the last few weeks of the summer! I am currently baby-sitting for a long weekend and today involved taking the children to a theme park, which turned out suprisingly okay. I will be posting what i've been doing in the last few days in my next post (:

Lots of love
Habin xo.


  1. thanks for that mention bubs :)
    omg kim' work is amazing! :O very galliano-like!
    and ahhhh loving the christopher kane prints which suprised me cos i'm not really a prints kinda girl. NEED a pair of those shoes <3 lust lust lust.

  2. andre kims and christopher kanes collection are so gorgeous! all the dresses are so beautiful :) the photographer is sally mann :)

  3. ah thats so sad. The dresses are beautiful x

    Designer sunglasses giveaway!!

  4. R.I.P he was a true fashion visionary, very inspiring!


  5. Some amazing images!
    Such a shame!
    thanks for sharing!


  6. Oh how sad :( He's so incredibly talented; beautiful pieces!!

    Aww thanks hun - interning is going amazingly well. The magazine is ace!

    It was so good - totally recommend you go next year x

  7. Its sad when an artist dies and they can't create anything more.
    ferris bueller didnt wear tie dye! he wore super 80's leather jackets! i do like the favorites you picked from the collection though! they remind me of that tv show roswell in the best possible way!

  8. so sorry to hear about andre kim. i do love that first purple ensemble. he definitely had some flair.

    and i'm liking that new collection from chris kane.

  9. oh, the clinique face wash is mainly for dry skin, but after use, i can say it's also good for acne as well.

  10. Another fabulously creative designer gone so sad at least he lives on in his work great post xoxo

  11. I've never heard of Andre Kim, what a shame, his designs are so gorgeous!

  12. Such lush creations! RIP. :(

    And yes, I love the new Christopher Kane too!

  13. Amazing designs - what a loss to the fashion world! :(

    I adore Kane's Resort collection - I agree with the tie-dye comment, the orange-green-black mix ones are honestly a little hidesous, but I adore the crazy galactic infusion of colours on the other dresses!


  14. What a loss :( His designs were beautiful


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