Wednesday, 10 March 2010

'Style experiment'

I am ashamed to say that I did abandon blogging for a bit, I've been really busy but hopefully this post will make up for it. I've always been intruiged by the originality of different peoples styles, hence my unhealthy devotion to lookbook and streetstyle. Being a huge American Apparel fan I was inspired by the gazillion different ways which you can wear their clothes, which gave me an idea to do a 'style experiment'.
Last week I gave a few very stylish people a task. I gave each of them the same dress and asked them to take a photo of how they would wear it. I'm sure you'd agree that the experiment was successful as the output photos of them are fabulous! They are all definately very stylish and original. This is the dress, more or less your typical LBD..

I did request a small summary from each of my friends about their style in general, but blogger is being irritating and not letting me copy and paste. So In no particular order..

Vicki-very stylish and fashion updated. Vintage stop-

Eve-so ruddy talented at making costumes and clothes. She can be found

Yanloi-ridiculously fashionable with a never-ending new wardrobe. Yanloi's now has a blog but is yet to write another post so watch her

Ellie-an aspiring fashion designer with a very loud fashion sense.

And me-I dont have a particular style or code which I dress to, it just depends on my luck and how I feel. I should really start taking a shorter amount of time to get dressed though, there's too much second-guessing my outfit and re-changing over and over again. I apologise for the shit photos and my ugly face, I had no make up on and had literally rushed home from school.

I love how everybody has styled their outfits in their own individual styles.Tell me your thoughts and just give me shout if you need more details about any of the items of clothing, ill ask the vagabonds for you (-: How would you have styled the dress? I'd love to know. I hope to be doing another style experiment soon!
On a completely different note though; amidst all of stress from school work I have been told that muse, mcr, blink 182, greenday will be at Reading this year- I couldnt be happier, I literally jumped up and down for a whole minute (8

Lots and lots of love

Beeble xo.


  1. these all look amazing. Why on earth do I know such pretty people- makes me feel sosososo insecure :(
    I loved the experiment. You should do it again sometime, but I can imagine all the hassle it must have taken :)

  2. LOVE yanloi's shirt and her neck looks funny. DON'T HIDE YOUR FAT FACE YOU FOOL.

    I love Ellie's boots.

    I think mine is the best obvs ;) Jokes.

  3. Everyone looks great :) It was a fab idea!
    I love anyone who had a shirt underneath. And did Vicki put an underskirt on beneath the dress to make it full? x x x x

  4. Olivia, yeah I put a skirt on underneath :) I love volume :)

  5. It takes me a while to get dressed...but it's fun getting up every morning to get dressed then go to school for fashion.
    I love all the different styles! It's exciting to so a variety of clothing that can bring so much inspiration!

    P.S. I'm defiantly going to follow you! Keep blogging! :D

  6. Where is that dress from? i really love it :)

  7. i got it from next in portsmouth which is a outlet, for $12 (i have no pound sign!) x

  8. Liking the photos of you with the hat


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