Tuesday, 25 May 2010

For prom, if only...

How ridiculously happy would you be if you wore one of those dresses to prom? A girl can dream...
(Anne Hathaway- Met Ball, Cheryl Cole- Cannes film festival, Gemma Arterton- Prince of Persia premier)
It seems like a lifetime ago that I blogged, So sorry, I've been completely busy with revision. Although the amazing and uncircumstancial hot weather recently has been a real distraction! The boiling weather couldn't have come at a worse time, it made the gym where I sat an exam today, so unbearable, I was on the verge of fainting. However, speaking of prom! I am very excited for prom however, it'll be no magical American prom. Although I presumed that it would be when I was younger, our prom won't be anything like the stereotypical American events- as you can imagine it was quite the disappointment!
With the suprisingly generous budget which my parents gave me for prom, I took it as an excuse and a chance to buy a pair of beautiful heels from Russel and Bromley (couldn't get the photo up sorry), and I was so, so excited to get them as they're simply perfect. I agonisingly looked at the price wrong and after trying them on, falling literally in love with them, they were £125 more (basically double) the price I thought they were! I was actually distraught, I still pretty much am. I'm still not settled on what shoes to wear to prom but I may end up wearing these beauties, although they aren't too 'prommy'.
After gazing at them all weekend, my friends got them for me as birthday present today, I LOVE THEM. As much as I use comfyness as an excuse to buy shoes, they are actually not that hard to walk in, in all honesty. They were £60 from OFFICE, and they definately make up for my heartaching and unreachable Russel and Bromely shoes. They are made of velvety suede and are platforms. Me and Vicki are also druling over Miu Miu foot candy- the chunky platform heels, the daisy chain printed ones and the pearl satin ones. Anyone know anywhere to get these for cheaper? Or anywhere that has decent copies?
On a completely different topic, I am loving the online boutique store KISAMI - so many beautiful items, that aren't conventially pretty, more like unique and eye-catching. Check out the store! My beer fund (my piggy bank is a big beer can that you have to open with a can opener) is yet to be opened, so I only allowed myself to gaze over the sale items. The sale section on the site has actual sale items, not just like £5 off items, and here are a few items which I would get if I could pull them off!
This week I have a straight week of exams, but I literally can't wait for next week. Next week is May half term so we finallyyy get a break from exams, only for a week though. I have two photoshoots next week: 1)A project with Evie called 'Hauntings on the Prairie' and 2) I am doing a shoot in central London featuring Olivia's jackets and Lucy's headbands; so be on the look out for the results of these shoots which I will post on here!
Just clicked preview, I've rambled so much today sorry, just so happy to get back into the whole blogging routine (: Also, thank you so much to Cheryl Clarke for this blog award, check out her blog- really really good!!
Lots of love,
Habin x


  1. hehe, you're right, this was a long one!
    cheryl's dress is actually butters but i'm in love with anne hathaway's one, actally beautiful.
    looking forward to this shoot with eve and everyone, hopefully it'll be a lot sunnier than last time!
    also bumming your shoes, much nicer than the russel and bromley ones, do not fear!
    also actually lolled at that beer can of yours.
    loving that shop and the items you picked out.
    miu miu all the way man! <3
    that's all.

  2. Hey Lovely,
    No worries I think you misread. I'm about from the 2nd to the 27th, so anytime within those four weeks I'm free! :)
    I went to Reading last year, it was so great.
    That's so sad about the shoes, but those Office ones are gorgeous :) I can't wait to see photos of your whole outfit!

    And looking forward to these photoshoots too.

    lots of love x

  3. ur so cute, i would translate my whole blog just for u, i think ur the only not german-one ;) thanks a lot! the overknees are my problem.. i dont know how to combinate them - do u have any idea?

    lots lof love xox

  4. Oh god, don't get me started on dream prom dresses!!


    PS, the model's name is Iza Olak :)

  5. OK awesome, we can make some plans nearer the time :)
    Well I've always camped quite a lot and I was actually on a two week road trip before hand where we mainly camped. I was with my boyfriend so we had a two-man tent. You don't bring any stove etc or anything as you buy food there. Although I did bring some snacks like crips etc and we went to Tescos one of the days. Make sure your deoderant is roll on etc because if they check your bag it gets taken away from you. I took a pack of 100 baby wipes too as sometimes the showers are impossible. And the most amazing dry shampoo. Get there early for good camping spots! people can go a bit mad trying to grab them lol x

  6. I love two out of the three dresses, I'm sorry but I just hate mermaid dresses and therefore hate Cheryl Cole's...

  7. Congrats on the award!


  8. oh i love Anne's dress!

    Check out my SATC giveaway!

  9. ooh i really love the first and second pinky dress thing :)

  10. YESS i already see, thanks for your tip :) i even know her site on lookbook.nu! shes good.

    and thank you for your comment. in english, just for u :P na im jokin xoxo

  11. Tell me about it Anne Hathaway looks amazing! Also those shoes from Office are amazing! deffinately remind me of recent Miu Miu ones! Do you think you get those other shoes!? Remember to posts lots of pics of Prom!
    - Adele

  12. Nice dresses!! Anne's dress is really great.. ;)

  13. the first dress is a real dream!!! I want it! Great post darling! Xoxo

  14. wow--so much to say. first, you are very welcome for your blog award!

    also, i would love wear anne's dress anywhere! so your prom was a disappointment? sorry to hear that. but i do like the shoes your friends got you. they are adorable!


  15. I love Anne's dress and the Miu Miu too! Amazing!!! Xoxo

  16. I looove those wedges, you're so lucky your friends got them for your birthday! They look so comfy!

  17. great choices for prom, i think anyone would do anything for any of those.

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    FÆBRIC magazine feature! http://www.faebric.com/2010/05/31/etsy-talents-rouge-et-noir/

  18. Those shoes will be great for your prom! I feel that you should just be you at your prom and that there isn't really a proper dress code. It isn't all about huge growns and stilettos!

    p.s. in regards to the graduate shows, I was invited to the Westminster one only because I'm a Graduate from there (2007) .. I was also invited to the London College of Fashion one because I have a friend there.. I'm assuming it's more if you know someone.

    However, you can always buy tickets too, pretty much all the Universities that show will offer tickets via their websites.

  19. I couldn't see anyone else coment but River Island have done a Miu Miu copy for the swallow platforms with cherrys instead and have a dimante detail like the Miu Miu blouses.


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